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Vastu Sastram

A man needs a house where he can live happily with family, health and wealth. A house is built with the local geography in mind, with enough ventilation, water and every other facility. To build such a house we need to the knowledge of our age old science of Vastu Sastram. Eons ago many great Rishis, and men of austirities have written Vastu Sastram in the highest of standards and offered us. If we follow this Vastu Sastramu we could enjoy a happy and prosperous life.
  1. Vastu Sastra Puranam (Legend of Vastu Sastram)
  2. Vastu Purushudu
  3. Dikkulu - Disalu - Adipatulu (Directions - Corners - Rulers)
  4. House Construction - Facilities
  5. Shape of the Site
  6. Constructions in Sites according to Vastu - Rules of the Science
  7. Sites not to Buy - Sites to Buy
  8. Wells to be Dug
  9. Directions - Good and Bad
  10. Simhadwaram (Main Entrance)
  11. Truth of Vastu Sastram - Quotes
  12. Sulala vidhulu
  13. Directions - Rulers of Vidisalu - Their Results
  14. Rulers of Directions - Results
  15. Waterbodies - Water Flow - Raise and Slants - Canals
  16. Sleep Position of Vastu Purushudu - Movable - Immovable Vastu
  17. Samkustapana (Foundation) - Ayamu - Muhurtam
  18. Gruhanirmanam (House Construction)
  19. Upagruhamulu(Subhouses) - Lavatories, Kitchens
  20. House divided amoung Brothers, Site Posession - Rented Houses
  21. Gruhapravesam (House Warming )
  22. Gruhalamkarana (House Decoration)
  23. Offices - Shops
  24. Vastu Quotes
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