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Ugadi is observed as the New Year of SouthIndians (in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka ) marking the new blossoms and the coming of the harvest. It is the first festival of the telugu calender.

'Sri Jaya' is the name of the new telugu year which starts from 31st March 2014

Every year on 'chaitrasuddha padyami' we celebrate the beginning of our new year. Things that should be done on this day: Get up early (before dawn ) and take a bath using sesame oil, and bathing powder (the traditional way), get ready with new cloths. Next recite to the Lord Surya our New year resolutions and while offering flowers, holy water, light, insence. After that we savour the 'vepaputa pachadi' (neemflower concoction). "Nimbhakusumabhakshanam" means...

"Sataayu rvajradaehaayuh sarva sampatkaraaya cha
sarvaarishTa vinaaSaaya, nimBha kusuma bhakshaNam"

this neem flower concoction has tamarind syrup, the flower of mangoes, the flowers of Asoka tree as a few of its many ingredients.

"tvaamashThaSoaka naraabheeshTa! madhumaasa samudbhava!
nibaavi Soakasamtaptaam maamaSoakam sadaa kuru"

which means...
In my life suffering with sorrow i am a bit of the 'asoka'! I serve thee. In the bloom of full spring you blossom oh 'asoka'! You make me free of sorrow! The tree of asoka has such divine stength.

Neem flower concoction: Neem flower, mango flower, asoka tree flower, jaggary, tamarind syrup, mango pieces, sugarcane pieces, sugar candy, jeera.

'Purna kumba daanam' should be done. Which means a copper tumbler should be arranges in the form of a 'kalasam' and perform 'kalasa puja' by filling it with 'pancha pallava's which means scented water, flowers, turmeric rice and sanctify it with sacred chants and decorated in a plate. After the puja the priest should be offered new cloths and 'dakshina' (offering of our choice could be money,rice or fruits) and recieve their blessings. this is 'purna kumba danam'

Panchamga sravanam: When we hear the 'Panchamga sravanam' (foretelling of the year to come) because of 'tidi' we learn about wealth, 'vaaramu' (week) tells us about life, 'nakshatramu' (star) gives us deliverence from sins, 'yogamu' helps us in eradicating disease, 'karanam' tells us about good omens. Hearing the 'Pancamga sravanam' would give us blessings equal to that of offering land, gold, cattle, grain, virgin(like marriage). Hearing the fortunes of great ones would also give us health, wealth and life has many best returns.

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