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Gobbemmalu are rolled up cowdung which is decorated with turmeric, kumkuma(vermilion), rice flour; pumpkin, marigold and other flowers. Gobbemmalu are considered as an image of 'Goda Devi' and worshipped.

The ladies of the house draw in beautiful 'muggulu' in front of their houses and place gobbemmalu in the middle of them. Gobbemmala Koluvu means we take a square platform and place five gobbemmalu, one at each corner and one in the middle. a smaller gobbemma is made and placed over the five at last another gobbemma is smaller than the rest and is placed on the middle one. This platform is placed in the middle of the room and children are seated around it then Godess Lakshmi is worshipped by recieting Lakshmi Astottaram. Then a coconut is broken infront of the godess, and fruits are offered as 'Naivedyam'. Then songs of gobbemmalu, of Sri Krishna and other Gods are sung and children dance around the platform doing 'Kolatam'. This festival offers a welcome relief to the household women and maidens from their routine life's responsibilities.


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